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Why B Clean? 

Why B Clean?
Why B Clean?
What’s up with this “B” Clean Windows?
My father Bob Ashley, started his window cleaning company shortly after retiring to supplement his income. He was the “one man show” arriving to homes or places of business with a friendly smile and a great attitude. He built a reputation for fast, prompt, courteous service. He truly enjoyed the business and spoke often of how he wished he had started this company when he was younger.. Myself I couldn’t believe that he wanted to haul buckets around, wash windows, and climb ladders all day at his age, but he truly enjoyed working outdoors and meeting interesting people.



Bob Ashley

I began to help him part-time when his health began to fail on him. He taught me how to be a window cleaner, how to take pride in your work and have attention to detail. I’m grateful for those days because I was able to spend time with my father and bond with him, as well as learn a valuable trade. Eventually, he was not able to continue in his window washing business and had to put the squeegee down. A few short years later my father passed away due to cancer.

As we began to go through his things and make preparations for the funeral I noticed a box that had flyer’s and business cards of a business that my father once truly enjoyed.

When I reclaimed this business I began to combine my years in management with what my father had taught me about the window cleaning business. The “B” in B Clean Windows is in honor of my father Bob Ashley.

Today B Clean windows, a family owned and operated company for more than 20 years. is still ran on the same values. We take pride in offering a great service to our community and the ones that surround us. A service that is not only a great value, but one that will add beauty to your home or business.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We, here at B Clean Windows, understand that when you trust someone to come into your home or business, you can’t afford to trust just anyone. You need a company with integrity, and on that you can trust. We have families of our own. We understand trust. So remember . . . if you don’t want your windows to be dirty, then B Clean. B Clean Windows. Now that’s clean!

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