Window Cleaning in Frisco TX 

Window Cleaning may take you days to complete but our professional crew in two to three hours can take this dangerous and time-consuming job away from you.

Our Window Cleaning Process

Remove & Clean Screens. ...
Step 2: Wetting Windows. ...
Step 3: Scrubbing Windows. ...
Step 4: Wet Windows Again. ...
Step 5: Wipe The Edges. ...
Step 6: Squeegee The Window. ...
Step 7: Wipe The Windows Again. ...
Step 8: Wipe Down Sills

Scrub Corner to Corner

We go corner to corner of the entire window breaking up debris and removing all types of dirt build up.

Window Cleaning Blade to Clean Windows
Triumph Blade

We then use a 6 inch triumph blade specially designed for cleaning residential windows. This blade is flexible and bends to the glass. Not hard and ridged like a painters scraper.

Window Cleaning Shoe Covers
Detail around the Edges

We then re-wet the window and squeegee up all the water. We then detail around the edges with microfiber towels

Gutter Cleaning Frisco TX
Gutter Cleaning Frisco TX

B Clean Windows offers a gutter cleaning service that removes all debris and asphalt shingle particles from your gutters. Let us tackle the messy but important job of cleaning your gutters. When your looking for window cleaning Frisco TX be sure to call 972-265-9506

Window Cleaning

We offer a full range of cleaning services to meet all your needs. B Clean Window Cleaning services includes Tracks and Screen Cleaning, Post Construction Clean-Up, Power Washing, Water Stain Removal and Rain Gutter Clean-Out. Of Course we offer Free Estimates. Call today, we guarantee once you use us, you will not need to call another window cleaning service.


Window Cleaning Frisco TX

Accordion FAQ

Window cleaning prices vary job to job, there are many factors to consider:

How long it has been since your last professional window cleaning, how many windows do you have

The types of windows that you would like cleaned.

Are there any 2nd story windows? Degree of difficulty to reach the window will determine costs. We will send a crew member to your home for a free window cleaning estimate please fill out a form and we will get back to you shortly for your fast free quote

We use professional window cleaning soap called Glass Gleam. It’s a Biodegradeable soap that acts as a water softener that wont harm plants. Unlike dish soaps, Glass Gleam leaves no residue and less chances of streaks. And according to Titan Labs (the company we buy the product from) the windows have a gleam over them and creates a beautiful shine. I’ve seen the difference that the Glass Gleam has made in my business and we will use no other product.

There are a couple of things to consider when scheduling window washing frequency;

Curbside appeal image and prevention of glass surface damage.

Sprinkler systems spraying water on the glass, exposure to extreme fluctuations effect the glass. Keeping the glass from being exposed to heavy water deposits will keep the glass from damage.

Curb appeal in your neighborhood is important. Bright clean windows sends a message that appearance and cleanliness are valued in your home.

We have some clients that are on an outsides only every 4 months. Some have us come out once a year and call us during the year for window cleaning exterior only.

First time clean we recommend us doing both exterior and interior window cleaning. B Clean Windows has the ability, skills, and tools to handle the job correctly.

We are always wanting to add to our family. Please fill out an application here

What if it rains before or after the window cleaning?


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